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The Latest Financial News

There are hundreds, nay thousands of places you can go to keep up to date with the latest financial news. My good friend ‘MyBudgetQuest’ over at has put together a new Newsvine hub at where he’ll be building an uber helpful hub of the lastest consumer finance news.

It’s only in its early stages at the moment, but I just wanted to drop a nice link to get him on his way. TTFN

Control Your Daily Spending

Taking even the smallest steps in monitoring your daily spending habits can help you to make considerable savings in your day to day living.

The Daily Spending Network is a network of blogs kept by people who are taking their first steps in monitoring their own daily spending habits.

Our members simply take the time and effort to reflect on what they spend each day and note it down in a blog post.

Why not take the time to start your own Daily Spending Blog and become part of our network?

Quick Thank You

Just a quick thank you to Trying2Save, MyBudgetQuest & DailySpends for helping us get through the first month at the Daily Spending Network.

We’ve learned a lot about our spending habits already and look forward to learning even more and making changes to our spending habits over the coming months.

Member Profile: DailySpends

DailySpends is the founding member of the Daily Spending Network.

As a 20 something male from the UK with a young family and lots of responsibility, I thought it would be a good idea to start looking at what I’m spending on a daily basis.

I have an expensive daily commute to work and have a lot of mouths to feed so it’s important that I get my budgetting right.

I use my blog to keep a tab on spending trends and any anomolies so that I can work on what needs cutting out.

Se my blog at

DSN – Weekly Round-Up

We’ll use this space to do a weekly round-up of Daily Spending Network community.

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